Sanders 10E

Finish: Black electronics


  • Perfect Insulation
  • The amplifier cannot damage the Ultrastat panel
  • No protective circuitry required
  • Panel is arc-proof
  • Extremely rugged and durable
  • Immune to dust, dirt, humidity, insects, pet fur, and foreign objects
  • Higher sensitivity (94 dB)
  • Highest precision - made with computerised diamond routing equipment
  • Greater percentage of open area and visual transparency
  • More attractive appearance than perforated metal designs
  • Voltage is user selectable for use world-wide
  • Highly efficient operation permits the electronics to be left on continually without concern for electricity usage

Sensitivity: 94 dB

ESL Power Handling: Unlimited for any amplifier intended for domestic use

Bass Driver: 10"

Bass Design: Transmission Line

Crossover Frequency: User adjustable, Factory settings 172 Hz, 48 dB/octave slopes,  Linkwitz-Riley filter

Frequency Response: 20 Hz. to 27 KHz. +/- 2 dB

Magtech Amplifier Power

500 watts RMS per channel into an 8 ohm load
900 watts RMS per channel into a 4ohm load

Both Balanced and Unbalanced Input / Output Connections

Roger Sanders has been at this for 40 years. His first published article on Electrostatic Speakers was in 1974, followed by another on amplifiers to drive ESL's in 1976.

His contribution to audio include the invention of the curved, free-standing, electrostatic loudspeaker driver (click on image to right to view the published article); the development of extremely compact transmission line woofer systems; integration of electrostatic speakers and transmission line woofer systems; and, several "how to" construction articles in "The Audio Amateur" and "Speaker Builder" magazines.

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