New homes.
We will work with you, your architect, interior designer, builder and trades people to create an integrated approach to today's technology options, ensuring you take advantage of every opportunity to improve your lifestyle, future proof your home and capitalise on the value of your investment.

Existing homes.
Achieving the best result possible for you is our goal, you will be pleasantly surprised how we help you make the best decisions and choices for your unique requirements.
Quality component selection.
"The secret to the success of any great design lies in selection process of the necessary and critical components from the cable to the remote control system, the system will only be as good as its weakest link."

At Mcleans have invested over 39 years in selecting and refining the choice of equipment and materials used in all our successful designs.

With this wealth of experience and ongoing training you can be assured that your design will exceed your every expectation.

The product selection is rigorous and demanding, not all the products from any one brand will always be accepted. Only the select few will be used for your project.

We will help you cut through the techno babble...
Inevitably when shopping for home electronics today you will be faced with many decisions because of the variables and critical requirements needed to make a good home theatre system or home audio system.

We can help make it easy - we can cut through the high tech talk and help you make the decisions in language you will understand - you can rely on our expertise to guide you.

You can trust Mcleans for your project to be carried out expertly and discretely backed up by our comprehensive after sales service

Acoustic computation will ensure that our choices will perform in your unique environment, within their designed range of performance

Expert installation & calibration is carried out by our own trained staff - all of whom have had years of experience & extensive tuition in their chosen field

Our unique process of design and testing will ensure you have the best results possible for your investment

You will be thrilled with the results for years to come
Over 39 years of continual customer focused service history