Operating from our Central Coast showrooms, audiophiles and music lovers can experience a selection of two channel system componentry; as we are the Australian distributor of Magnepan, DeVORE FIDELITY, Sanders Sound Systems, NuPrime, Leben & Rogue Audio. Bill has curated a selection of high-value, handcrafted, best loudspeakers and electronics for music lovers...

Established in 1982

August 1982 Bill and Margaret Mclean opened what was one of Australia's first audio visual home entertainment stores. This was around the time when the first Beta and VHS video recorders became available. The business sold video recorders and camera's, TV's, stereo systems and rented video movies.

The first video recorders were mono sound, but in 1983 the first stereo machines became available, and so started the opportunity to enjoy a movie theatre like experience in your home environment. It was to be some years later though before 'surround sound' was to be introduced to the Australian market.

By this time, around 1988, Mcleans had a showroom with dedicated demonstration rooms, featuring CRT 'big screen' TV's [all of 26"!] with 5 speaker surround sound systems. And soon thereafter followed CRT front projection systems, typically with a 4:3 100" screen.

Traditional Hi-Fi stores were slow to add this technology to their offering to their customers, but over the following 10 years they were eventually swept along by this opportunity to combine high quality sound and pictures...and the dedicated listening/viewing room has become a more common feature, of the enthusiasts, family home.

By 2009 the VCR had been replaced by hard drive recording devices and DVD/Blu-ray players for pictures and sound that Mcleans had only dreamed of back in 1982.

Best of all 2.35:1 projectors and lenses have become more affordable and common in the Cinema installations that Mcleans now do.

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