Wireless TransmitterSKU: REL-HT-AIRMKII



Input Connectors: Stereo RCA, LFE input uses Right channel input only.

Input Impedance
XLR .1/LFE: 10k ohms
Wireless Output Power: 0 dBm
Wireless Effective Distance: 40 ft (12 meters) with clear line of site
Mains Input Voltage: 5V DC, 5.5mm circular connector, positive center
Power Consumption: 600 mWatts

Transmitter: 2.75 x 2.06 x 3.25 in., (70 x 53 x 82.3 mm)
Receiver: 2.75 x 2.06 x 3.25 in., (70 x 53 x 82.3 mm)
Finish: Black

Supplied Accessories
Power Adapter: Yes
High Level Cable: N/A
Dual RCA Cable: X2 Power adapters X2 RCA Cable: 2 meter in length

In the interest of product development, REL Acoustics Limited reserve the right to vary these specifications without notice.

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