Leben RS28CX

MM Phono PreamplifierSKU: Leben-RS28CX



Tube compliment
2 x 6CG7 (G.E.)
2 x 12AT7 (G.E.)
1 x 5Y3WGT

Phono amplifier
Gain: 20.2dB
RIAA Curve: Less than +-0.3dB.
Max. Input: 400mV (2KHz.)

Line Amplifier
Gain: 25.2dB
Max. Output: 80V (Variable) & 80V(fixed)
Output Impedance: 580 Ohms
Remaining Noise: 0.03mV

Main Body: 7.0 Kg
Power Supply: 6.5 Kg

Main Body: 352(W) x 240(D) x 175(H) mm
Power Supply: 233(w) x 240(d) x 175(H) mm

AC Power Cable
Power Supply Connecting Cable

"GENERAL ELECTRIC"(USA) J.A.N. STANDARD TUBE 12AT7 The Phono equaliser Circuit of CS-30EQ is of CR type RIAA equalisation design with zero feedback in order to bring out the superior characteristic of the 12AT7 which is authorised by J.A.N.(Joint Army & Navy) standard.

"GENERAL ELECTRIC"(USA) HIGH OUTPUT TUBE 6CG7 The line stage circuit uses the Twin-Triode Tube 6CG7 of General Electric(USA) SRPP system, and can supply a signal of up to 80V to the Power Amplifier. Therefore, RS-28CX can drive all kinds of Power Amplifiers of Low-Sensitivity or Low-Driving capability.

HIGH-GRADE PARTS The highest quality available components(Condensers, Resisters, etc) are used for all essential parts which affect the sound quality. a high grade Detachable AC power cord is included.

INDEPENDENT POWER SUPPLY UNIT. In order to shut-off any influences from the power transformer to the main circuit, the Power Supply Unit is housed in a seperate chassis.

Leben Hi-Fi Stereo Company is a Japanese manufacturer of tube amplification. The designer and owner of Leben is Mr. Taku Hyodo who is ranked as one of the best eight tube audio design engineers in Japan.

Mr. Hyodo is highly experienced Hi-Fi engineer having worked for Luxman in the past, and is also a good player of guitar and some different musical instruments (In fact, he once was a professional guitarist).

He is also a collector of premium tubes such as 3CSS, 12AT7, E288CC, 6L6GC (5881), all of which are (will be) used in Leben amplifiers at their best capabilities based on Leben's technology.

Mr. Hyodo left Luxman and established his own "Kouri Denki Co."(production of electric/electronic components, parts & PCBs) in 1979 when he was 30 years old. Besides producing electronic components and parts, he also has been continuing production of amplifiers under "KFH" brand name mainly for private requirements from Cafe bars, restaurants, etc.

The first commercial based product "TRIODE 33"(under "KFH" brand) was released in 1991 with very premium tube 3C33, and a first model under “Leben” brand was a power amplifier RS-35a (with 6L6GC) released in 1995, and then a preamplifier RS-28c (with E288CC) in 1998. (RS-28c was recently renewed as RS-28CX with G.E. 6CG7).

My.Hyodo His amplifiers are more of a product of passion, and not many models are produced, however, several people in Japan have actually gathered and set up a fan club called "Leben Audio Lovers’ Club". Members are always waiting for a new model from Leben, which amazes them each time. In light of these circumstances, Mr. Hyodo has started to produce lower-cost amplifiers such as CS-200, CS-250, CS-300, CS-300X to allow more music lovers a possibility to enjoy Leben’s tube sound without investing too much.

All of the Leben products are hand made by well trained and experienced people, and are all beautifully finished with high quality components by point to point wiring.

All products are still made in Japan, and Leben product’s owners can expect long life and high reliability as well as a highly musical and rewarding performance.

All Leben products are based on “Self-biasing circuit”(even by sacrificing the output power on specification) in order to allow users to replace tubes without bias-adjustment and to continue stable operation.

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