Elektra PNYX Tube Pre-amplifier


Style: No Phono Stage


Control Functions:
Volume, Input Select, Power On/off, Processor Bypass

Outputs Impedance 300 ohm Balanced , 150 ohm unbalanced RCA (2) Output 1,Ouput 2 Balanced (2), Bal Out 1 , Balanced Out 2

Input impedance: Unbalanced 47k ohms, Balanced 100k

Inputs: (7) Balanced inputs: Balanced in, Line1, Line2,

RCA inputs: Processor Bypass, CD, Tuner, Phono Stage (upgradable), Theatre Bypass *

Power Supplies: Dual mono regulated High Voltage supplies. Noise performance is -100dBV. Tube Complement: Four 6922 dual Triodes.

Frequency Response: +/-0.5dB, 0.5Hz to 300kHz. (Overrated 70 Watt Power custom made transformer) 12V Trigger

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