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Whathifi? - January 10, 2022

"AudioQuest’s Rocket 11 – A sensational speaker cable and current What Hi-Fi? Award-winner. At the budget end of its Rocket range – could just be the hi-fi speaker cable to give your system a new lease of life. We love it so much it's been a What Hi-Fi? Award winner several years running now, having batted off new competition to keep its crown in 2021."

"AudioQuest Rocket 22 - A flexible, well-balanced speaker cable that should work well in a wide range of systems. The Rocket 22 continues the fine work of its Award-winning sibling (above) and, in a suitably talented set-up, the difference in price between the two can be justified by the improvement in scale, detail and authority. The design of this audiophile speaker cable mirrors that of the cheaper model, but uses higher quality copper conductors with a polished outer surface that’s claimed to give a ‘sweeter’ high frequency performance.

The conductors use strands arranged in concentric layers, where each layer spirals in the opposite direction to the one below it. The cable also uses AudioQuest’s Noise Dissipation System, which is essentially specially designed layers of shielding that reduce the impact of RF (Radio Frequency) interference and EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)."

A wide range of AudioQuest products, including analog cables, digital cables, Niagara power, DragonFly DACs, and more – 16 in total! – have received The Absolute Sound’s 2022 Editors' Choice Award.

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