Aqua Formula xHD DAC Rev. 2




• Proprietary Optologic D/A conversion system. Pure R2R ladder – FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) based without digital filter

• Galvanic and magnetic isolations between the FPGA and the four branches of the R2R ladder converter

• Jitter free digital interface AQlink PRO (I2S protocol), uncompromising digital connection to La Diva cd transport

• Discrete R2R ladder DACs with low noise precision resistors

• Zero S/PDIF Jitter design, digital receiver stage PLL (phase locked loop) technology

• High-performance AQ Discrete Regulator (MOSFET, J-FET, BJT) for analog and digital DAC’s power supply

• 2 separate low noise C-Core power transformers, one for the analog and one for the digital section

• MODULAR DESIGN with upgradeable multi board platform

• Transformer-based true balanced audio output stage

• Fully upgradeable high-speed USB hybrid 2-stage XMOS xCore XE216 + FPGA, Fully-floating (isolated) USB decoding and clock generation by FPGA with proprietary code

• Proprietary USB Firmware / driver :
Apple MAC OS – Linux OS : USB asynchronous native support, no need to install drivers software

• Digital phase selector on front panel

• High-quality parts selected for sound quality:
– Tantalum, solid-polymer OS-CON and double-metalized MJP capacitors
– low noise Metal Foil ultra-precision resistors
– double metallized film pulse capacitor
– ultra-fast diodes
– halogen free cables

• Aluminium anti-resonant cabinet with Nextel

• RC5 IR remote controller (optional)

• Designed and handmade in Italy

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