Dutch & Dutch 8c

Finish: White Natural Oak



LF: 8″ High Excursion Subwoofer (2x)
MF: 8″ Mid-Range Driver
HF: 1″ Alloy Dome Tweeter


LF: Sealed
MF: Passive Cardioid


30 Hz – 20 kHz ± 1 DB


LF: 500 W
MF: 250 W
HF: 250 W


485 x 270 380 MM


26 KG

"The strings were also reproduced with delicacy and realism. The soundstaging was exemplary, showing me precisely the space the strings occupied, mostly to the left of and behind Stipe. Each element of the mix was presented by the 8c’s in perfect balance with the others. A lovely experience." Diego Estan for SoundStage! HiFi

"The D&D 8c’s are the first loudspeakers to come into my room where I could achieve studio control room frequency response accuracy of 21 Hz to 20 kHz ±3 dB at the listening position without any external DSP. Also, the first loudspeaker where my preferred high frequency response (i.e. neutral) was just about perfect right out of the box." "Loudspeakers like this are a distraction but in an extremely good way. Dutch & Dutch is to be congratulated for doing such a complex job so well. If you want to hear the future of high fidelity, grab yourself an audition forthwith." Jason Kennedy for HiFi Plus Magazine 

 "..flawless ALL the way up and down the frequency range and couldn’t possibly require an external subwoofer (unless you are interested in making your monitoring less accurate). That’s the short review." Interlace Audio via Gearslutz 

"SMALL BOX, BIG SOUND" Streaky of Streaky Mastering (Youtube Video Review) 

 "..the 8c is a pure music lover.... natural and neutral anywhere in the room. Sit close and listen into the recording - you are there. Sit farther away and hear more indirect sound with perfect timbre because of even dispersion and flat power response for a 'they are here' experience." Marja and Henk for Six Moons (make sure to click through the full four pages) 

 "...cardioid response to the rear, impressive neutrality and bandwidth, plus digital conversion. Also in this case, the ability to use a front wall in a similar way to an in-wall monitor... some of the early adopters were mastering engineers." Kalman Rubinson for Stereophile magazine (make sure to click through the full five pages) 

 "...wide, smooth frequency response; sufficient and linear dynamic performance; crossover management; a cabinet free of audible resonances and edge diffraction; control of the dispersion of sound energy throughout the audioband." Nigel Palmer for Audio Media International 


MitchCo for Computer Audiophile

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