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A23 Step-Up MC Transformer for Ortofon SPU

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A23 Step-Up MC Transformer for Ortofon SPU

Auditorium 23 step up transformers are available in three versions, two specifically for very low impedance cartridges like the Ortofon SPU($1,299) and one for higher impedance cartridges like the EMT's, Denon 103, Shelter and many others.

Auditorium 23 transformers in combination with a suitable phono preamp are simply amazing. Active gain stages will never capture the flow, texture, drive and overall musicality of a top shelf transformer like the Auditorium 23.

'The A23 SPU step-up is a best buy and if you are in the market for an SPU cartridge, you simply must audition it. My guess is that if you try, you buy.'

Jules Coleman, American Wired - 

"The A23 step-up may be small and easy to place, but it packs a hell of a wallop. In fact, getting the measure of this step-up was surprisingly easy. The A23 SPU step up is incredibly dynamic and extended, from top to bottom. It is neutral, extremely vivid and present. While it is by no means lean or bleached, it is not as weighty as the other step ups I had on hand. It is primarily about speed, openness, extension, clarity and presence. I have reason to believe that its designer, Keith Aschenbrenner, voiced this unit around the basic SPU Classic, which like the Denon 103, is all about tonality in the same sense that the folks at Audio Note UK claim their components are. Both cartridges favor the body of notes over the leading edge and weight over speed.

The A23 Denon 103 step up is a perfect complement for the cartridge of the same name. Played through it, the Denon 103 maintains its body and weight, but its apparent speed and resolution improve dramatically, especially throughout the upper registers. The A23 step up for the SPU has the same impact and would be a perfect match with the standard SPU Classic. To know it is to buy it".


Read more about Keith Aschenbrenner of Auditorium 23 and the step-up transformer at six moons here.





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