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A23 Auditorium 23 Speaker Cables 3m pair

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A23 Auditorium 23 Speaker Cables 3m pair

Auditorium 23 Speaker cables


Jonathan Halpern comments: 'Keith Aschenbrenner began experiments in the early 90's to find a suitable speaker cable to work with his then new line of electronics Shindo Laboratory. Mr. Aschenbrenner spent months with dozens of raw sample cables. After many, many late nights of twisting together various cables, trying many different configurations, cable contents, gauges etc. he came across an inherently musical configuration. 15 years later its still the most musically, harmonically and texturally rich cable we have found at any price. Inexpensive, handmade and awesome'.

We originally planned to use the Auditorium cables for connecting tube amplifiers and DeVORE FIDELITY Loudspeakers.
However, we have also discovered that they mate well with our other high quality electronics and loudspeakers.


3m pair, terminated. Available in Green Cotton Jackets as pictured.