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DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/96 Loudspeakers.

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DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/96 Loudspeakers.

Stereophile Best Speaker of The Year - DeVORE FIDELITY

Orangutan O/96s

With the Orangutan O/96 DeVORE FIDELITY brings it's award-winning blend of musicality and accuracy to a new speaker designed especially for low-powered tube amplifiers...also suitable for transistor amplifiers too.

10" paper cone with a phase-plug powered by a motor adapted from the Silverback Reference drivers.

1" silk-dome tweeter with a powerful double-magnet motor system gently horn-loaded.

Our thoughts? 

The Orangutan scores a 10 for musical enjoyment...any genre.

Pick the 096 if you are wanting to go on a musical journey, or better still, enjoy the vibe with friends!


Frequency bandwidth: 25Hz-31kHz
Sensitivity: 96 dB/W/M
Impedance: 10 Ohms 8.75 Ohms minimum at 190 Hz
Dimensions: 12"d x 18"w x 35.5"h (including stands)

Standard finish pictured above is hand polished gloss 'Lace Walnut' - (please enlarge thumbnail image above for higher resoloution photo.)
All Orangutan O/96s shipped include a pair of black speaker grills and stands.

Please note custom front veneers available for an additional fee, such as Ebony, Walnut, Birdseye Maple or Wild Cherry (see images below).

Essential reading! - How do the DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/96 compare with twelve high performance loudspeakers valued upto $200,000? Follow this link to read the full review and manufacturers response at

DeVORE - Stereophile Speaker Awards - Best Loudspeakers for Music Lovers

"The DeVore O/96 is a serenely, classically beautiful thing." 

"..the O/96s were better than average at creating a believable sense of scale with recordings of large ensembles." 

Looking through my listening notes, I can't find word of a single record that wasn't extremely engaging through these speakers. From Mott the Hoople's Mad Shadows (LP, Atlantic SD 8272) to the great John Eliot Gardiner recording (with the Monteverdi Orchestra and Choir) of Purcell's Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary (LP, Erato STU 70911) to The David Grisman Rounder Album (LP, Rounder 0069), the Orangutan O/96s served them all with clarity, color, impact, drama, and scale."

" extremely well-crafted loudspeaker that achieves a combination of strengths that is, as far as I know, unique. The O/96 is distinctly easy to drive with low-power amplifiers, yet it's clearer, wider of bandwidth, and more spatially accomplished than most other high-sensitivity loudspeakers.

"Colorful yet uncolored, the DeVore Orangutan O/96 is the loudspeaker many of us have been waiting for. Yes, an old Western Electric horn or even an Altec Valencia has more punch and drama, and a Quad ESL has even more clarity and nuance of texture and timbre. But the O/96 gives a lot of everything and sacrifices little of anything. I'm thoroughly, giddily impressed."

Quotes from Art Dudleys' recent review for  - Click here to read the full review


Reviews for DeVore Fidelity in Stereophile Magazine:

Silverback Reference, 2006, Class A:

"The Silverback pulsed with musical life as only a few speakers have in my experience. Rhythmically, they left in the dust most other speakers of full or nearly full range. They popped, bristling with vibrant musical energy; their balance of event information and harmonics close to ideal."

gibbon The Nines, 2007, Class B:
"It had more drama and sheer humanity than I've ever heard from such an outwardly conventional loudspeaker, and it never sounded boring or constricted."

gibbon 3XL, 2010, Class A:
"I went bananas over the bamboo, aesthetically and sonically. There's splendour in this grass."

Orangutan O/96, 2012, Class A:
"Colorful yet uncolored, the DeVore Orangutan O/96 is the loudspeaker many of us have been waiting for. ...The O/96 is here to stay-as both a commercial product and as a well-loved part of my playback system."

Orangutan O/93, 2014, Class A:
"My beloved DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/93 loudspeakers perform at a level of excellence beyond what I ever dreamed possible."


Review from Part-Time Audiophile, Rafe Arnott, Feb 2016

"...these speakers functioned as time machines for me, and if you are one of those people who value being transported back to the moment when the music was made, then I feel that these DeVores will speak to you, too." 

Review in Audiophilia

"The DeVore 0/96 Orangutan Loudspeaker is a unique, brilliant sounding, beautifully made loudspeaker. It'll weather any type of amplification and replicate fine recordings with twist and shout that'll have mainstream audiophiles and music lovers wanting something incredibly musical but different, running to the nearest dealer. Very highly recommended. " 

Read the full review here:

Custom finishes

Please enquire re pricing & availability if you are interested in the below options:


DeVore Fidelity O96 Ebony Custom



DeVore Fidelity O96 Walnut Custom

Wild Cherry

DeVore Fidelity O96 Wild Cherry Custom

Birdseye Maple

DeVore Fidelity O96 BE Maple Custom


O/96 Detail - shows edge view of included grills 

DeVore Fidelity O/96 Loudspeaker Detail 




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