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Hifi-Tuning Fuses - Supreme - various sizes & grades available to suit Magnepan Loudspeakers

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Hifi-Tuning Fuses - Supreme - various sizes & grades available to suit Magnepan Loudspeakers

Worthwhile Maggie customer David's revealing comments about the Supreme version here, by the way, the 3.7's already had the Gold version not the stock version when we did the exchange.

Hi Bill,

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent demonstration you presented to me with the maggies 3.7 speakers. You allowed me ample time to really understand just how good these speakers perform with a wide & varied musical palette.

I now have a clear picture of what you mean when you say that the more you feed the maggies with quality power, the better the resolution of well recorded music becomes with room filling dynamics & sound staging.

I will always treasure the moment when you told me about the new fuses you had purchased for trial in the 3.7's & decided there & then that I could be the first to hear how they performed. Having played a suitably revealing piece of music, you exchanged the stock fuses, 2 per speaker, for the premium fuses & we sat back to listen to the same track again. What a surprise to experience such a clearly audible increase in recorded information. We both had a big smile on our face & I knew there & then that more money would be leaving my bank account to acquire these fuses but it will certainly be worth every cent.

I look forward to hearing from you on the trials of the woofers with the 3.7's & the use of the Sanders mono amplifiers.

Thanks again for taking the time to help make sure I get the best out of my new purchase. I will keep in touch with progress down the line.

My regards.

D. Haskell-Craig - Adelaide.


RE: Feedback on the fuses.

My initial impression is that I am getting better inner detail and a slightly smoother midrange.
Fine detail in a track is now easier to discern - that is, I was hearing it before but now with better clarity.
Tracks with sibilance are much smoother with the sibilance much less obvious and harsh.

Overall a subtle rather than stark benefit but definitely worthwhile.

Bill H. QLD 


Please note flat rate Express postage $15 for as many fuses as required.

Please also provide 'type' required at checkout.


Fuse Grade Variants available - please select your preference   Hi-Fi Tuning Supreme Small Fuse (Fast or Slow?)     + $99.00
  Hi-Fi Tuning Supreme Large Fuse (Fast or Slow?)     + $135.00


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