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Magnepan MMGi - New 'Improved' Model with Australian landed taxes and duties paid includes 3 year local warranty

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Magnepan MMGi - New 'Improved' Model with Australian landed taxes and duties paid includes 3 year local warranty

  • The Lowest-Priced Planar/Ribbon Speaker in the World.
  • Magnepans entry model Planar speakers.
  • Deserves high quality components.
  • "No box speaker priced anywhere near the MMG images like this." (Steve Guttenberg).
  • Ideal for smaller rooms.

"So if every speaker you've ever heard was a box, with dome tweeters and cone woofers, the MMG's sound will be a revelation. Freed of the box, the sound is more open and lifelike. The MMG may be Magnepan's least expensive speaker, but it uses the same ribbon tweeter technology found on its more expensive designs. No wonder the MMG's clarity exceeds box speakers selling for many times its price."
In the 1980's we sold the SMG series of Magnepan for $2,499 - now we have the latest generation of baby Maggies for less than half that price.

The MMG will perform well on all but the heaviest (badly/falsely recorded) rock, or electronic based music styles.

Nearly 200,000 of these speakers have been purchased by audiophiles ... audiophiles such as those taking part in the last speaker survey conducted by Stereophile magazine which revealed more of their readers owned Magneplanars than any other brand, and 99% were satisfied with their purchase.

As Dick Olsher of Stereophile magazine asserts:

"The impossible problem for a conventional speaker, then, is this: how to convince you it's a grand piano when the instrument's full acoustic power is being squeezed through an 8" woofer. When I close my eyes and try to conjure up an image size, a planar speaker reproduces piano, double-bass, cello and human voice with much more spatial conviction than is possible with a conventional dynamic speaker. It's true--a planar makes a recorded piano sound more like a real piano."

(Magneplanar MG-20 Review, Side Bar in Stereophile, Page 8, February, 1995)

Australia wide delivery available - domestic shipping to be quoted upon application.
Read a prospective customers experience in our showroom here:

The MMG is available in Black or Natural Oak trim, with black cloths.

The Absolute Sound 2017 Editor's Choice Award
The Absolute Sound 2017 Editor's Choice Award 

Bill's Amp Recommendations - it's a Match!

NuPrime IDA-8 Integrated Amplifier
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Timber Finish - Choose one option   Black Timber
  Natural Oak

OPTIONAL - Add a DWM? (Magnepan bass woofer panel - special package only price)   Magnepan DWM - Pair     + $2,700.00
  Magnepan DWM - Single     + $1,395.00


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