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Magnepan MG3.7iR and Sanders Pre and Magtech Stereo Power Amplifier $22,990

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Magnepan MG3.7iR and Sanders Pre and Magtech Stereo Power Amplifier $22,990

Congratulations are in order when you invest in a wonderful musical instrument such as the Maggie MG3.7R and is only enhaced when you add the Sanders Magtech Power Amplifier and Pre-Amplifier with MM/MC Phono input.


December 16 2008
By Steve Guttenberg:
Speaker of the year: Magnepan MG3.6/R
*This is an extract:
'I've reviewed a gazillion speakers, and I can't remember more than a few dozen of them. They're just a string of big and little boxes; some sounded really nice, most were merely OK, and surprisingly few were truly awful.
Magnepan's speakers stand out from the crowd first because they're so thin, the MG 3.6/R is 1.5 inches thick, and standing 71 inches high, it's really tall. But it was the sound that blew me away. It's an incredibly clear, high-resolution sound, and sounds decidedly unspeakerlike. That's why it's the Audiophiliac's Speaker of the Year'. 

Steve will be mightily impressed when he hears the 3.7i's! 

Correctly matched and set-up the Maggie 3.7i's will reward you with a lifetime of musical pleasure.

They will surely engage you with a natural three dimmensional presentation.

The Maggie 3.7i is capable, and has been, of being teamed up with most of the better amplifiers available for purchase, be they $3,000 or $100,000.

However, for this system we are teaming up with the Sanders Magtech Amplifier and Matching Sanders Pre-Amplifier...

The Magtech power amplifier produces 900 watts RMS into the Maggies 4ohm load.

This combination will satisfy your long term enjoyment of music and movie playback...just add your choice of source components and cables:

The 3.7's deserve the best analogue or digital source that you can purchase...however your choices vary greatly depending on what you currently own and your choice music format.


Suggested upgrades: 

A pair of speaker stands at $795, they will improve every aspect of your Maggies considerable musical ability, and, 4 x Premium Hi Fi Tuning fuses at $516.

OR :

Go for the 20.7 Maggies for an aditional $10,000? 

See the 20.7 here.