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Sonos PLAY:3 All in on music player -White

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Sonos PLAY:3 All in on music player -White

Compact size, big sound all-in-one Sonos player, with 3 drivers powered by 3 digital amps. Set it up with one touch and start streaming your entire iTunes library, music services, and over 100,000 Internet radio stations, podcasts and shows all over your home. Control everything with your Android, iPhone or iPad with the free SONOS Controller app. Go vertical, go horizontal, hide it on a shelf or mount it on the wall. Start with one - or pair two for true stereo sound, - then expand anywhere.


  • Stream your entire music library, music services, and radio stations
  • Wireless, easy to set up
  • Start with one, expand everywhere
  • Versatile enough to put anywhere - horizontal or vertical
  • 3 driver HiFi speaker system
  • Available in black or white

Technical specifications


The small, all-in-one, powerhouse of Sonos sound.

  •     3 speakers powered by dedicated digital amplifiers
  •     1 bass radiator
  •     1 tweeter 2 dedicated mid-range drivers
  •     Dual orientations
  •     Wall mountable
  •     Stereo-Pair capable (S3 to S3 only)
  •     Expandable — with all Sonos products
  •     1 Ethernet port
  •     Integrated, auto-switchable power supply
  •     Available in White & Black
  •     Weight: 2.65 kilograms Convenient, all-in-one solution

Convenient, all-in-one solution

The PLAY:3 is a complete wireless music system that works wherever you want music. No need to connect to speakers or audio equipment. Just plug it in and enjoy. Want music in another room? Simply add more PLAY:3s to your house without adding wires. And when the party moves outside or to another room, just pick up the PLAY:3 with the convenient, built-in handle and take the music with you.

Instant access to endless music

Sonos liberates the music on the Internet, your computer and more, so you can wirelessly play it all over the home. Wherever there's a PLAY:3 (or any other ZonePlayer), you can tune in to 100,000 Internet radio stations, shows and podcasts and stream millions of songs and stations from the most popular online music services. Plus, you can play your entire personal music library, like iTunes®, in any or every room. You can even connect to your favorite audio source, such as an Apple AirPort Express®, CD player or TV and listen on all the ZonePlayers throughout your home.

Control it all with your favorite mobile devices...and more

Wirelessly control all your music and all your ZonePlayers with your choice of Sonos Controllers. Got an AndroidTM smartphone, iPhone®, iPod touch®, or iPadTM? Then, simply download one of the free Sonos Controller apps and take control with the mobile device you already have and love. Want a dedicated Controller that everyone in the home can use? Grab the touch screen SONOS CONTROL and pick a room, find a song and touch play. Got a desktop or laptop? Then use the Sonos Controller for Mac or PC for added control. They all work together seamlessly so mix and match to your heart's content.

Best-in-class wireless technology for multi-room music

The PLAY:3 brings great sounding music wirelessly to any room in your house, without a big wiring project. SonosNet 2.0, our wireless mesh network technology, provides superior wireless range for whole-house coverage, ensures synchronous music playback, and avoids sources of wireless interference. Which means the music gets to all the right rooms - near or far - at exactly the right time.

Simple setup & expansion

Setting up your PLAY:3 is incredibly easy - simply plug it in. No technical or wiring expertise required. No speakers or audio equipment to connect. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and a router to get started. One ZonePlayer or BRIDGE in your system must be connected to the router and all the rest will work wirelessly. Add more PLAY:3s in more rooms without wires.

New features and music services with automatic updates

Unlike most other consumer electronic products, the PLAY:3 and the entire Sonos system keep getting better even after you buy it. With free automatic software updates you'll always have the newest features and music services to enjoy. Just register your system and Sonos will automatically notify you when software updates are available. Simply press one button and your system updates itself.


Engadget Awards 2011


Macworld review below - 5 mice!

 Macworld Review


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