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Magnepan Bass Panel Woofer DWM

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Magnepan Bass Panel Woofer DWM

Need more bass?

Put a big speaker in a small room, too much bass. Put a small speaker in big room, too little bass. Everyone knows that. In general, it is true. There is no one-size-fits-all.

Most of the area of any full-range Maggie is devoted to bass reproduction. (In the case of the 20.7, 76% of the total radiating area is devoted to bass.) The Magneplanar Bass Panel offers you the flexibility to add bass diaphragm area to fit the needs of your room. From the MMG to the 20.7, the Maggie Bass Panel can get the bass/midbass "just right".

The Magneplanar Bass Panel (DWM) is a dipole, thin-film, planar/magnetic bass panel. It is essentially a small section out of the 20.1 and 20.7 bass drivers. But, please don't call it a "subwoofer". Subwoofers have become known as "slow" and "muddy". The DWM Bass Panel has no problem integrating with a full-range Maggie because it is "all Maggie".

Chris Martens, editor of The Perfect Vision, put the Maggie System (including the Maggie Bass Panel) "under the microscope", here is his follow up review...

Follow-Up Listen: Magnepan DWM planar magnetic woofer panels. Chris Martens, May 27, 201

Custom Woofer

Chris went on to say about the DWM Maggie Bass Panel--

"Let the Maggie Woofers carry most of the System's Bass Workload. With typical speaker systems, it's normally a good idea to hand off much of the system's overall bass workload to a powered subwoofer, but with a Magnepan system this is not the approach you'll want to take at all. The reason is that Maggies are so fast and so pure-sounding that they make most subs sound thick, slow, and sluggish by comparison".


Pictured with the MG1.7 & DWM woofer 'coffeee table':

1.7 & DWM




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