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Vicoustic products available now at Mcleans

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Vicoustic products available now at Mcleans

Vicoustic treated
Based in Portugal, Vicoustic is a manufacturer of high-quality, affordable acoustic products. 
The company’s extensive portfolio includes a range of absorption and diffusion panels, bass traps, portable acoustic products and variable acoustic solutions. Vicoustic’s three business divisions -Music & Broadcast, Hi-Fi & Home Cinema, and Industrial.
Their product range can be implemented from the building stage right through to panels to treat existing structures. Whether it is a studio, restaurant, office block or dedicated theatre, there is a vast range of treatments to suit.
I must add that the design and estimation process offered by Vicoustic is unparalleled for a product range at its price point and allows the integrator, engineer or designer to not only see what the room could look like once treated, but also be provided with a list of the products required to treat the space.
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