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Leben RS-30EQ Phono Amp

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Leben RS-30EQ Phono Amp

The Leben RS-30EQ is equipped with the CR-type equaliser based on the GE (General Electric / USA) 12AT7, authorised by the J.A.N. (Joint Army and Navy) standard of the US Army and can reproduce a very high quality and clear sound without adding any NFB (negative feedback).

To avoid compromising sound quality using the NFB circuit type, one of the solutions Leben adapted to protect the sensitive CR-type equaliser was to develop a high quality 'Orient-Core' power transformer perfectly shielded to shut-down hum noise from the transformer.

Leben have also selected the finest available high-end audio components to keep the deflection of the RIAA curve below +/- 0.2%.


Leben RS-30EQ Phono amplifier back panel. 






Tube compliment: 2x JAN 12AT7A (GE); 1x 6X5GT (GE)
Gain: 23.5dB
RIAA curve: less than +/-0.2%
Input impedance: 47kOhm (Normal)
Maximum input: 400mV (2kHz)
Output voltage: 175mV
Power Consumption: 17W
Weight: 6.0kg
Dimensions: 340(w) x 140(h) x 240(d) mm
Accessories: power cord 
240v AC

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