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Magnepan On-Wall Loudspeaker MMC2

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Magnepan On-Wall Loudspeaker MMC2

What is an MMC 2?

The MMC 2 is NOT an MC 1 with a motor. The MMC 2 has a unique planar midrange, plus a quasi-ribbon tweeter and quasi-ribbon super-tweeter. When used with one or more DWM Bass Panels, a full-range, 3-way system achieves the sound of our large free-standing speakers. To get a mental picture of the MMC 2 system, imagine that we removed the tweeter/midrange from our large 3-way speaker and motorized it on the wall and "hid the bass panel in plain sight" inside furniture.

• The MCC2's operate best when they are at an angle to the wall of about 30°. They therefore come with wall mounts that allow them to be swivelled into position by hand

Optional Automation for the MMC 2

At the touch of the remote, the power supply/controller automatically moves the MMC 2 into a pre-determined position. After listening, the MMC 2's automatically fold flat against the wall when the system is turned off.

• There is the option of a DU1, @$599, which provides top and bottom frames for each panel, with electric motors in each top frame so they can be moved to and from the listening position, mechanically. 

• To use the DU1 you need a controller, @$349, to provide power, and to activate DU1 externally, such as by a relay in the receiver.

Follow the link for an extended review by Chris Martens:


Magnepan MMC2 on wall loudspeakers


MMC2 specs

OPTIONAL - Add a DWM? (Magnepan bass woofer panel - special package only price)   Magnepan DWM - Single     + $1,395.00
  Magnepan DWM - Pair     + $2,700.00

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