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Magnepan MG3.7iR Loudspeakers in Natural Oak / Black Oak / Silver Aluminium or Matte Black Aluminium

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Magnepan MG3.7iR Loudspeakers in Natural Oak / Black Oak / Silver Aluminium or Matte Black Aluminium

Magnepan MG3.7iR - release Jan 2014, note 'i' for 'Improved'; The MG3.7 re-wrote the book on 'affordable' 'best value' and 'best sounding loudspeakers'. Jonathan Valins' review with comments by Harry Pearson attached below for you...

The entire range of Magnepan loudspeakers offer superb value for money for music lovers.

They are now, and have been, a reference for audio quality by many reviewers and music lovers for over 40 years.

Maggies are a product that have stood the test of time and technology well their planar drivers are key to their 'open' and 'natural' sound.

All the details are available to read in the Magnepan section of our website...

Finishes available:

Natural oak or black timber with your choice of black, grey or off-white cloths.

Aluminium - Silver or Matte black with your choice of black, grey or off-white cloths.

Also available in deluxe cherry timber for $9,999 - click here to view in our store.


Reviews & press.

"Real-world loudspeaker". 
Six Magnepan models have been awarded in 
The Absolute Sound 2017 Editor's Choice Awards

Magnepan TAS 2017 Ed's Choice Award 


Jonathan Valin, executive Ed @ The Absolute Sound​ concludes Magnepan 3.7i Best Sound Cost No Object, Best Sound for the Money & Most Coveted Product!!

Commenting: "...the Maggie 3.7i was consistently the best sound at AXPONA."

Read the full AXPONA Chicago 2015: Loudspeakers $20k and Up Show report. [Apr 28th, 2015 ]

Magnepan 3.7i Review & Awarded at AXPONA

MG3.7i Featured in The Absolute Sound Loudspeaker Buyer's Guide 2015 - download the full feature PDF here.

Read the full PDF feature from TAS 2015 here



From July 2011 edition of The Absolute Sound Download as a PDF Jonathan Valins' 'Further Thoughts'

 Click to download entire PDF

From The 2011 Loudspeakers Buyers Guide; read Harry Pearson on the Mganepan 3.7

 Click to download entire PDF


And here is a review by Jim Merod in 'Positive Feedback ISSUE 61 May/June 2012:

Constantine Soo ( review from May 2016:

"In recreating venue acoustics, that energetic output of the Magnepan was equal to that of the $50k Tannoy Westminster Royal SE as produced by the tweeter in the throat of the dual-concentric horn woofer."

"...Imagine a ribbon possessing the speed and output of such finer horns at a scant portion of the footprint and cost." 

Cloth Selection - Choose one option   Black
  Off White - Please note this option is not available with Cherry timber

Finish - Choose one option   Natural Oak
  Black Timber
  Matt Black Aluminium
  Silver Aluminium

OPTIONAL - Add a DWM? (Magnepan bass woofer panel - special package only price)   Magnepan DWM - Pair     + $2,700.00
  Magnepan DWM - Single     + $1,395.00


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