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Elektra Reference HD

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Elektra Reference HD

The Elektra Reference HD, Two-Channel High Definition amplifier is the result of decades of research and experience. Hand-crafted to exacting levels of detail, each Elektra HD amplifier delivers all the sonic features the new a High definition audio formats have to offer. With an Elektra Reference HD amplifier in your audio system formats such as 192Khz/24bit, DXD (358.2kHz/24bit), DSD and even High Definition lossless compression FLAC and ALAC will spring to life exceeding anything you've heard before.
Each of these formats exceeds CD's 16 bit/44.1kHz standard. These formats challenge the weakest link in the traditional audio chain, the power amplifier. This component has not kept pace with these developments, until now.

Elektra's Reference HD is a true High Definition amplifier that is perfectly placed to give music lovers the best the new formats can offer.

The Elektra Reference HD stereo power amplifier like the Elektra Reference HD Theatre multi-channel amplifier, is a totally new design using innovative techniques to deliver an uncompromising full HD Audio stereo music experience. The Elektra HD reveals all the audio information mixed and mastered by audio engineers during the original performance. The Elektra Reference HD reproduces High Resolution formats clearly and without a hint of distortion.

Designed for the ultimate music experience, the Elektra Reference HD-stereo 2-channel power amplifier delivers power and detail. It is a powerhouse and delivers 250 watts per channel into 8 ohms. The Elektra Reference HD also achieves extremely low distortion across the entire audio band from 20 to 20Khz.

The build quality is impeccable, which is just the way we craft all of our products. The Elektra Reference is hand built from the best sounding and highest grade, custom components. These are specially selected, highly reliable, audio grade components that are matched in the final construction.

Our unique current feedback discrete power amp output stage is designed to eliminate a major source of distortion in linear class A/B amplifiers the output transistor distortion, which is an order of magnitude better than conventional output stages. Multiple high current discrete (Audio Grade) power output transistors are used which have wide operating bandwidth to further reduce distortion and achieve a very high slew rate to extract the most detail from today's high resolution audio formats. Unique construction techniques are used to eliminate all non-linear magnetic fields in the output stage which can cause distortion if it is not addressed properly.

The Elektra Reference HD has a sophisticated Circuitry yielding better performance in slew rate and distortion resulting in better sound. It uses a hefty Dual-Mono power supply with larger audio grade power supply capacitors.

Multiple output transistors further reduce distortion into low impedance loads (<2 ohms) and this also lowers output resistance even further. All non-linear magnetics fields are further reduced by arranging the output transistors in an interlaced fashion. The Elektra HD has superior isolation from mains related induced noises thanks to a careful layout of all of its vital parts.

For maximum connectivity, the Elektra HD carries both unbalanced (RCA) and balanced (XLR) inputs, and each amp channel can be configured for your choice of input connector. The loudspeaker connections are audiophile-grade, and are gold-plated for maximum signal transfer. They can easily handle a wide range of audiophile speaker cable connectors.
The Elektra Reference HD uses a DC trigger input for external power on/off control.

The Elektra HD case is solidly constructed, integrating the heat sinks as part of the structural assembly. This makes our housing mechanically rigid and provides isolation from extraneous noise. It is elegantly finished in textured anodized matt black.

Our craftsmanship, innovative design and construction together with our reputable sales and support are our guarantee that you will be very happy with your purchase. You are buying a product that has been crafted to provide an unforgettable home entertainment experience.


Elektra Reference HD

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