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Elektra PNYX Tube Pre-amplifier

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Elektra PNYX Tube Pre-amplifier

Elektra Pnyx Preamplifier


The Elektra Pnyx Preamplifier is the product of extensive research and verification through rigorous listening tests.

The areas we excel in are:

Power Supply

With all audio products the power supply is a significant contributor to the success or failure of sound quality. With valves circuits this is even more so than anywhere else. With both our heater and anode power supplies we use discrete regulators. With our anode supply we achieve low noise (-100dBV) which is almost an 10 times better than other existing supplies. Its output impedance is 20 milliohm across the entire audio band. two such power supplies are used one for the left channel and one for the right.

Operating Circuit

With the signal path of our circuit we opted for DC coupling this is a truly unique feature because it eliminates capacitors and other coupling elements in the signal path which can cause distortions and resonances, this results in better sound quality.

Balanced Operation

To top it all off our valve circuit is balanced , this has two major benefits , firstly it is inherently lower in distortion than unbalanced circuits and secondly it allows you to transmit audio signals both on the printed circuit board or between two pieces of equipment with greater immunity to interference which degrades sound quality. No transformer is used in the signal path.


The Elektra preamplifier is painstakingly hand built using audiophile grade parts selected for their sonic excellence reliability and stability.

Listening Tests

This preamplifier provides stellar audio performance in terms of balance of sound, clarity and fine detail resolution , dynamics and imaging. But we are not alone in our opinion here is what customers say about our product.

"When Arthur asked me to say a few words about his valve pre-amp, I was a little apprehensive. This happens to be a seriously good pre-amp with a RRP of $3,900. At this price it is a steal, any serious competition it has is going to be much more expensive. I am concerned that if too many good things are said about this pre-amp the price might go up.
For those who love valves, you must hear this pre-amp. It is very clean, dynamic, smooth and rich. While there are plenty of pre-amps out there that have some of these attributes, very few have them all.

For those who don't like valves, you must hear this pre-amp. If you think valves are too warm, slow or euphonic, have a listen to the Elektra; it will change your mind. The Elektra pre-amp has the speed and dynamics you would expect from a top transistor pre-amp with the richness and smoothness you only seem to get from valve pre-amps. This pre-amp really has that elusive live music sound quality.

The fact that I use the Elektra pre-amp with our flagship Paragon speakers at our A1 Audio showroom says it all "
Colin Whatmough

"Excellence in tonality is what sets apart the Elektra Reference pre-amplifier from the rest. Performance without compromise, robust design and outstanding clarity, delivers the sound that I am seeking during mastering each and every time."
Sakis (Digisound Mastering)
Elektra PNYX Pre amplifier rear panel


Control Functions:
Volume, Input Select, Power On/off, Processor Bypass

Outputs Impedance 300 ohm Balanced , 150 ohm unbalanced
RCA (2) Output 1,Ouput 2 Balanced (2), Bal Out 1 , Balanced Out 2

Input impedance:
Unbalanced 47k ohms, Balanced 100k

Inputs: (7)
Balanced inputs: Balanced in, Line1, Line2,

RCA inputs: Processor Bypass, CD, Tuner, Phono Stage (upgradable), Theatre Bypass

Power Supplies:
Dual mono regulated High Voltage supplies. Noise performance is -100dBV.
Tube Complement: Four 6922 dual Triodes.

Frequency Response: +/-0.5dB, 0.5Hz to 300kHz.
(Overrated 70 Watt Power custom made transformer)
12V Trigger

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