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Curved Cinemascope Screens...why?

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Curved Cinemascope Screens...why?

At Mcleans we believe that Cinemascope is the ultimate format for bringing the full movie experience into your room. After all, it was how the director created the movie. However, the combination of wide images and use of an anamorphic projector lens often results in a graphical phenomenon called "pincushion" distortion.

We do know how to minimise this issue when using a flat screen...we'll explain how when proposing, or designing, your Cinema for you, and we can help you to make a decision on the correct screen for your particular room and budget/performance requirements.

Pincushion distortion means that the projected image appears as though it was "deflated" or pinched at the center while it gets increasingly higher towards the corners. The shorter the throw distance of the projector, the greater the incushion effect.

Pincushion can be prevented by using a curved screen.
The curvature stimulates the feeling of being "surrounded" by the display and helps retain a geometrically perfect picture over a wide viewing area/cone. Moreover, it enhances the perceived image uniformity. Why? Simply because all projected light is reflected straight back to you - including light at the edges that otherwise would reflect outwards and away from you on a flat screen.


Curved screen advantages

  • No "pincushion" distortion
  • A captivating cinema-like viewing experience as the display is "surrounding" you
  • Improved brightness uniformity
  • Wider viewing angles as the viewing angle of the opposite side of the screen is less steep

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