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The best loudspeakers for music lovers.

Browse our exclusive range of Magnepan, DeVORE FIDELITY, Dutch & Dutch and Spatial Loudspeakers... these are amongst the very best loudspeakers for music (& movie) lovers! Australia-wide delivery available.

Magnepan MC1 Loudspeakers

This 2-way planar/Quasi Ribbon speaker is designed to be attached to or placed next to a wall or cabinet. These speakers will normally be used in conjunction with one of the Magneplanar model Woofers...


Magnepan MG1.7i Loudspeakers Aluminium or Timber trim with deluxe cloths

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The 1.7 has been our most popular model at Mclean's. The new improved 1.7i re-writes Magnepans value / performance offering.


Richter Harlequin S6 Loudspeakers - Black or Walnut

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Harlequin Series 6 Floorstanding Speakers - re-engineered and designed to meet today’s market.


Richter Merlin S6 - Bookshelf Speakers

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Best Bookshelf Speakers by Richter to date. Using the latest acoustic performance testing processes, they pack a lot of punch for their size, and out-perform many floor-standing models.


Richter Wizard S6 - Floorstanding Loudspeakers

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The WIZARD is regarded as the biggest selling Australian Loudspeaker of all time. Re-engineered & designed to meet today’s market expectations from a visual and performance perspective.