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Popular theory would lead you to believe that by researching the recommended 'best of' products, and making a selection from those, to make your dream 'system', will guarantee you a satisfying musical result. Unfortunately this is rarely, if ever, the outcome.

Selecting products to combine as a 'system' takes the time honored method of reading the specifications, of various components, to get a sense of how they should react to each other, and then listening to the combinations performance when played together.

Buy an experience not a box 

Few people have the time to research and evaluate all the hardware choices. It's smarter to focus on the end result and make your choices based upon overall performance and value. 

This takes a good deal of time, and energy, something that we have invested many thousands of hours into in our quest to achieve a result that ourselves and our customers can enjoy with the music we and they love. Some of those systems are listed here for your consideration. 

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Magnepan MG1.7iQR, Sanders Pre-amp and Sanders Magtech Power combination

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The choice of source components, suitable cabling, and accessories, play a part in the musical outcome too. The Sanders Amplifier & Magnepan 1.7i's are the key components here.


Magnepan MG3.7iR and Sanders Pre and Magtech Stereo Power Amplifier $22,990

The Sanders Magtech Power Amplifier is capable of 900 watts into the Magnepan's 4ohm load, the result = High definition Music.