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Quad, very special Loudspeakers and Electronics since at Mcleans. Full details of models and pricing now online... call for details 1300 995 448. Milestone products like the Quad 11 power amplifier and the ESL-57 have found their way into the history books as the most significant hi-fi products of all time.

All Quad products possess that special ability to re-create music, without the harshness and fatigue often associated with today's modern electronics, and the design and finish is a delight to behold. We invite you into the showroom to experience the Quad sound for yourself. There are speakers from $1,149 to $19,999 and matching electronics too.

Quite unlike most hi-fi companies, Quad products are designed to open a window on a recording to reveal the natural texture and detail without imposing any character of their own. For the 99 series, the cornerstone of the Quad range this approach is exemplified with products such as the timeless 909 Power amplifier (eight years in production and still winning awards around the world) and the cutting edge 99CDP-2 regarded by many audiophiles as one of the best CD players at its price point.

The original L-series and the brand new L2 are simply value for money. A genuine hi-end performance and build which has led to UK critics awarding them best in class for three consecutive years (as well as no less than four overall Product of the Year awards) .
Quad; the closest approach to the original sound, since 1936. Demonstrating now at our showroom. Full product list will be on our website in the coming weeks...