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Here you will find a selection of projects featuring Design, supply & Installation managed by Mcleans Smarter Home Entertainment, NSW.


Designed & Installed by Mcleans

Beachside Residence Home Theatre Room and Plasma Surround.

Theatre Comprises:

Ceiling mounted Home Cinema Projector
Herma motorised 16:9 screen
Rotel, Toshiba & Denon electronics
Crestron Control System
Hidden M&K loudspeakers and subwoofer
DVD, Digital Television & Foxtel is distributed throughout the home.


Living Room Comprises:

Pioneer Plasma
Digital Television Receiver
Denon electronics
Sonance in-ceiling speakers
Crestron Control System


Plasma Surround System by Mcleans

Beachside Residence Plasma Surround System.

The custom designed joinery hides the necessary electronics to bring this understated design to life!

System Comprises:

NEC Plasma
Rotel electronics
Crestron Control
M&K loudspeakers and subwoofer
Digital Television receiver
Distributed sound and vision to living room and pool area.


Ground-up Design managed by Mcleans

Rural Residence.

Ground-up Design & Installation managed by Mcleans.

For relaxed living, entertaining, movies, television and music enjoyment..


Rotel electronics
Pioneer plasma
Digital Television receiver
Magnepan on wall speaker system
M&K subwoofer
Distributed sound system & control



Audio Visual System design and Install by Mcleans

Rural Residence.

This ground-up Design & Installation managed by Mcleans has had regular upgrades and is our reference for superior sound and vision.
A reference quality system that features both 2 channel music and theatre enjoyment...

The 2 Channel System Comprises:


Wadia CD player
DEQX Digital pre-amp and electronic cross-over
Plinius stereo-amp for bass panels
Antique Sound Labs 200watt mono block amps for midrange and treble
2 Magnepan MG20.1 Loudspeakers

Home Theatre system adds :


Runco Projector
Screen Technics Screen
Audyssey Digital equalisation
Parasound surround processor
Plinius ODEON multi-channel amplification
8 Magnepan Loudspeakers for L R & C, Rear L R & C and 2 side channels
5 M&K subwoofers
Crestron Control system
Lutron lighting control
Digital Television receiver
Complete Acoustic isolation and treatment
Topform cinema seating



Plasma Surround System by Mcleans

Bayside Residence

Plasma Surround design.

A sophisticated and elegant design with unobtrusive entertainment to match...

System Comprises:

NEC Plasma
Rotel electronics
M&K loudspeakers and subwoofer
Digital Television receiver
Lutron lighting system
Crestron control system



Home Cinema by Mcleans

Home Cinema theatrette.

Featuring true 1080P high definition images from Digital TV and Blu Ray DVD through the THX approved Runco VX200 DLP Projector for a cinematic experience...

The only thing missing is the clutter of speakers, subwoofers and the associated electronics required to make this an unforgettable experience...

The hidden accoustic treatment brings out the best of all music and film.

And operating this sophisticated system with 'one-touch' control system is achieved without reading the associated manuals!